Can't see anything your like       or not to your required                       specification?

We can find any vehicle in almost any colour you want.

Want a manual gearbox? No problem!

Want 4wd, with automatic or manual transmission? No problem!

Want panoramic twin sunroofs? No problem!

We can tailor a car for you and with our agents in Japan we can find the right specification car that suits you and your lifestyle.

We can individualize your car with body graphics, roof racks, stainless steel exhausts and much more!

  A brief overview of how the system works

  1. We have various companies and resources based in Japan who locate the vehicles on our behalf. We give them our requirements and they get us the cars.
  2. Once a car has been sourced, we verify it's condition, mileage and specification before we buy. We stay away from high mile, ex -fleet vehicles or cars that have been used in the remote parts of Japan as these can suffer the corrosion pitfalls that catch out UK cars, i.e - rust and corrosion.
  3. Once we agree on price, we purchase. Shipping is arranged, along with insurance and all documents forwarded on to us for clearance and registration with the DVLA.
  4. When the vehicle arrives in the UK, some 8 - 10 weeks after departure from Japan, we arrange for VAT and Import Duty clearance, we collect the vehicle from port, inspect the vehicle thoroughly and carry out the necessary work to meet MOT requirements.
  5. The car is then registered with the DVLA so it can be issued with number plates and road tax.
  6. The vehicle is then thoroughly detailed to a high standard before it is ready to be collected.